Damn, my car won't go fast enough. Driving as fast as i can, i still can't run from my past. I have to go back and face my fear in the dreaded darkness of the pentagram. Im back in the circle, all my fears need to be dealt with, even if i die. I have the freshly killed virgin out in the middle of the field. The candles are lit and i sit in the center. "Sweet mother, sweet mother please cleanse me with the sweet sense of red drink, sweet mother, sweet mother wash my sins away with the blood of the divine, sweet mother, sweet mother let the damned be baptised in blood and intestines of the dawn." As i look up from those sacred words my fears came howling back to my cold empty soul. I see the soul i once used to possess shrouding around me as Lucifer himself is summond infront of me. As i pray to the stars in the sky to save me from meeting my demise. "You summon me once again fool, your soul is mine!" As i stare into his firey eyes a coldness incases my body. "I never had a soul, but you gave me worse then being souless, you gave me the heart shattering loneliness, killed everyone i loved and cared for, my friends and family." He just laughs at my pathetic plead of mercy. He looks so horrible now, his firey red eyes, the long claws and muscular figure could easily rip me to shreds. One slash of his claws cuts through my soul like a hot knife through warm butter, a pain from inside me so gut wrenching and painful i can barely scream. I hold the cross close to my chest and i slowly crawl away. As he comes closer, he steps on the holy ground drenched in holy water. I throw the cross with sharpened corners straight into where his heart would be, He started to burn, as thoug hhe was melting. Suddenly a huge lighting bolt flashes from the sky and paralizes Lucifer as he turns to stone. I look at my weak body, the cross i had around my neck was burned into my heart. My soul has returned and Lucifer was banned back into the depths of hell. I look up to the stars and pray. May my sweet wife and children rest in peace father.