&nbsp Hello there I'm a psycho as you may have gathered from the title of the story. Anyway I have been asked to do an interveiw with a reporter earlier today I went to this interveiw and here is what happened.

Reporter: Today is my interveiw with the notorious serial killer psycho.

Me: knock knock did someone call for an interveiw with me

Reporter: yes, yes come on in have a seat

Me: okay so what do I have to do

Reporter: just answer the questions I ask you

Me: okay sounds easy enough

Reproter: okay so I would like you to say your name into the mic and what you did to get here

Me: okay I am Patient 6....6....6 in the asylum for the mentally insane and I am in here cause I am the one responsible for the murders of over 3,000 people

Reporter: wow thats a lot of people and umm what made you kill all those people

Me: hahaha well it all started when i was a young boy at the age of 16 I killed my mother and father and after that I needed to kill even more heha

Reporter: do you not feel any kind of remorse for the people you have killed or the familys you've hurt

Me: oh please what do you think I am one of those bitch boy killers like ted bundy or charles manson

Reporter: I didn't mean any disrespect towards you and some people say your a hero is that right?

Me: yes...yes I killed jason at crystal lake i stuck an axe in his back and said it was a mistake hahahahahehehehohohohoho

Reporter: oh i see you've got a sense of humor, tell me how you have that while being in here?

Me: well once you kill your first five hundred people you tend to not care about whats gonna happen to you.

Reporter: so you just don't care about my family you killed my little girl you monster

Me: oh haha im terribly sorry haha

Reporter: really cause you don't sound sorry

Officer: Sir im gonna have to ask you to put the gun down

Me: whoa whoa haha at least buy me dinner first tough guy sheesh haha

Reporter: You're gonna pay for what you've done to me

Officer: SIR put the gun down or I will taze you!!

Me: You think you've got what it takes to shoot me

Reporter: I will kill you

Officer talking into radio: Im gonna need backup

Me: Oh brother this is the last time i get involved with reporters

Officer #2: SIR put your gun down NOW or we will taze you

Reporter: STAY out of-

Officer #2: FIRE!!!!

Reporter: AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Unknown voice: kill them kill them all kill them kill them all NOW!!!


So as you see I killed the 2 officers and the reporter and im headed to your hose next so you better watch out hehehehehahahaha