&nbsp It was late one night and we were heading to my parents farm in the middle of no where. On our way there my wife said she needed to go to the bathroom so I took a detour and headed to the nearest gas station. Once we got there the place was locked up and closed so I just told my wife to go in the woods and do her business. Moments later my wife ran out of the woods saying she saw something and she heard something in a bush in front of her.

I told her she was just scared and for us to get going to my parents farm so we drove a few more miles down the road and my wife kept screaming cause she said she had been seeing the creature over and voer again. I stopped the car and told her to just breath and foregt about what she saw. She told me she would try, I kept on driving down the road and something ran across the road. I slammed on the breaks and turned to my wife and all she could say was that was the thing she saw in the woods.

I told her it wasn't and that all she saw was a raccoon or a squirrel not a creature and I told her to stop talking about it. She told me she wasn't crazy and she saw what she saw I told her that she just needed some rest. She then took a nap for maybe an hour and was awoken by me I woke her up and told her we were close she then sat up and screamed I looked forward and I saw a creature standing on the side of the roadSide of road.