That whore!!!!! I just found out she was cheating on me with my brother!!! Well i already killed that son of a bitch! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Now only time for that little lying cunt! HAHAHAHAH!!!!

Later that night: I made her a nice steak dinner, i made it from my lying bastard brother dave! So hunny, did you enjoy your steak? She says yes, hahahahahaha. Did you like the taste of "Dave" in your mouth? Hahaha, she probably blew him off anyway. Shes asking me what i did, and i said i killed the person that YOU did last night. Now its time for CHOP suey! COME HERE BITCH! YOU LYING FUCKING CUNT!

Day 1: What the fuck is wrong with me??!?!?! That bitch is still in my fucking head! I've fucked all her sisters and friends. Do i have a guilty consience or something? I dont see my brother at night. I geuss i just need sleep...

Day 2: Ugh, i still can't sleep, i swear to fucking god i saw that whore in the mirror today. Just staring back at me with those bloody wounds in her heart. Ha, that heart sure tasted good.

Day 3: I've completly lost my mind, that bitch came back today in my dreams. I woke up with a gash across my face! I went to a psychologist today and he told me i was insane. Even when she beat the shit outta me right in front of him! now im in the goddamn Looney bin for a few days.

Day 7: Mommy please forgive me for my sins! I never wanted to hurt that bitch, shes the one who hurt me! have mercy father! FUCK SHES IN MY HEAD!!!! GET OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND!!!! *gunshots* maybe now shes outta my head, i put a bullet right in that bitch. now i can see a light. im going home now. Mother Mary have mercy......