It was raining harder then usual today. I couldn't get to sleep with the sound of thunder, rain and crows screeching in the dark. I heard a noise from outside my window, as I look out to the back yard, my pet cat starts to go crazy. I try to get him to calm down but then i see a man standing outside wearing a clown outfit. I faint. As soon as i wake the man is in the room. His clown makeup seems to be sad. He then wispers to me these exact words: "Im lonely, will you be my friend?" I want to scream but then he grabs my mouth and tells me to shush. I then scream and it was all just a dream. I look outside and then look around my house. I then hear the same noise outside. I run outside with a knife. No ones there so i go back inside. As i get to my room my cat is dead with the words "I ONLY WANTED TO BE YOUR FUCKING FRIEND!!" written in blood on the wall. The man came out of my closet and my final words were "I'll be your friend"