189px-Gotosleep ORIGINAL

It was 3:24am I was awoken by a strange noise coming from the hall. I got out of bed to go check it out, the noise was a slight dragging noise and then a loud thump. When I walked out of my room the noise got louder, so me being the pussy I was I ran back into my room and hid under the covers. Just then as I was shaking in fear under my covers. I heard a very psychotic laugh coming from across the room I looked up and saw a dark figure approching me. I stopped shaking and acted like I was asleep......just hopeing that this thing would leave me alone. I felt it pulling the covers off me, then just as I thought it couldn't get any worse i felt this thing bend over and put its face next my head. Right then and there this thing said in a voice ever so soft but so very disturbing it said " I know your awake" I let out a scream and I looked up and no one was there. It was all in my head I then got up to go out to the hall and just when I thought the nightmare was over in the hall were my parents hanging drenched in blood and a note pined to their chest the note said "Im still here" [1]Edit