How about you give me a smile baby? You have such a pretty smile. I SAID SMILE BITCH! Yeah.....thats a good girl. What about you shortstop? Little boy give me a smile! Hahaha. yeah..... Oops, sorry i have to go, just to make sure you dont tell anyone anything that happend, show me your tongue bitch. Oh my you bleed alot. hehehehe, bye boys and girls. Ahhh a great night of raping and murdering satisfies me. and i have another tongue to add to my collection. Meh people call me insane, but thats just who i am. tonight was great because i finally got that fat chick from Wendy's tongue. fuckin' huge as fuck! Damn. hahahahahaha im demented and im proud of it. I walked in on that girl from work today giving her son a bedtime story. I tied them both up and fucked the boys mom right in front of him. Then i slit her throat as the boy cried. I put my knife right into the heart of that little kid. I think his name was Jonny or something. Hehehehehehehehe. Holy shit im seeing things. Time for me to get some rest, maybe I'll feel better. Holy shit this thing is following me. I have no Idea what it is. Its so fucking ugly! I went on the internet and found out that this weird thing is called "Karma" i thought it was just some crazy shit but all the witnessess are dead and the people who've taken pictures of it have always died. I'll kill this "Karma" like i did to all those other families.


As the killer ran down the street in fear, the unknown creature known as "Karma" walked easily behind him. the white bleachy eyes of the monster pierced the killers heart. The killer trips and falls in the dirt. Even though the creature is bige. It remains hidden from the rest of the world. as soon as the creature reaches the killer. It makes his smile bigger by slicing his jaw from ear to ear. The Killer screams in pain and then is dragged away into the forest. The police find him seven days later crucified on a make shift cross. His body mutilated and burned. The creature known as "Karma" hasn't been spotted for 2 years.

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