It was late one night the time was 3:06am I was watching T.V. and then there was a power outage. I then walked upstairs and got the flashlight, and just before I went back downstairs I looked out the window and saw that everyone else in my neighborhood had their lights on. So I just thought that my circuts blew out so I went downstairs and flipped the breakers and nothing happened so I thought thats weird. I then went to bed.....but when I went to lie down I heard a scratching noise coming from the wall I looked and there was nothing there so I just forgot about it. Later on I was awoken by the noise again but this time it was louder the time now was 4:15am. I turned on the flashlight and pointed it to where the noise was coming from and I didn't see anything, so i went back to sleep. The next day as I was driving to work I started thinking about last night and what happened. I decided to turn around and go back home to find out what it was....that may have been the worst misteke of my life. I got home and went to sleep and woke up at 9:47pm it was dark outside so I turned off all my lights in my house and tried to find out what was making the noise I heard last night. I walked into every room in my house with the flashlight and everytime I walked into a room I heard the noise but it was always very quiet. I then came to my bedroom I walked in and my flashlight died as soon as i went to turn it on I left the room and w
Shadow person 2
ent and replaced the batteries, as I returned to the room I turned on the flashlight and I saw the most terrifying thing. It was standing there in the corner watching me I didn't know what to do. It took a step forward and I freaked out and ran downstairs to the front door I looked back once and it was there right behind me chasing me. I made it to the front door and got out of the house I ran to the middle of the street and I watched as my house suddenly ignited into flames. I watched as my house burnt to the ground. There was no trace of gasoline on me or in the house. Still to this day I wonder why it burnt my house down maybe it killed its self or maybe I was suppose to be alseep when it happened.